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Fenwal is located in a modern manufacturing facility west of Boston, MA USA.  We partner with OEMs in HVAC, hydronics, commercial cooking, industrial/specialty and fire protection and thrive on solving application challenges.  We are a global company offering products, solutions and technical support worldwide through a network of local representatives and distributors.

Honeywell® S87 and S89 Replacements

Fenwal’s 35-6X Series are modern, economical alternatives that are microprocessor based and proven reliable in tough OEM applications. MORE

Johnson Controls 
Drop-In Replacement...
for the discontinued G77x Series Gas Ignition Control: the Fenwal’s 35-63J Series. For a cross-reference list and I&OM, click:  MORE

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Broad Agency Approvals
on Gas Ignition Controls
24 VAC Direct Spark & Intermittent Pilot controls have received approval to the latest CE standard EN 298:2003, CSA and AGA (Australian Gas) standards.  MORE


Kidde-Fenwal, Inc.
We are ISO 9001:2008 certified, have full test and development capabilities, veteran engineering staff, participate in GAMA and are well experienced at agency approvals. MORE



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Fenwal “platform” products provide the benefit of quick-turn samples...

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