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Gas Oven Controls and Ignition from Fenwal Controls

Gas Oven Controls and Ignition from Fenwal Controls


Gas Oven Controls that are safe, reliable and efficient are required for most every commercial oven manufactured today. Fenwal Controls offers a wide range of gas oven control systems to meet most applications. Fenwal Controls systems are designed to meet UL, CE, CAN/CSA and AGA certified standards.

Gas oven controls provide the intelligence for operation of gas oven burners. A gas valve is controlled to supply gas to the gas oven burner. A spark voltage is supplied to generate an ignition sparks near the gas oven burner. A flame sensing circuit coupled to the gas oven burner provides a flame status signal to a control processor. The control processor controls both the gas valve and the spark voltage supply.

The Fenwal Series 35-60 & 35-61 controls are 24 VAC Microprocessor Based Direct Spark Ignition Controls with or without Combustion Blower Relay. They are designed for use in all types of heating applications. The control utilizes a microprocessor to ontinually and safely monitor, analyze and control the proper operation of the gas burner. Value added features such as combustion blower control, LED diagnostics, automatic one hour reset, and flame current test pins highlight the controls benefits.

Features of Series 35-60 & 35-61 Controls

  • 24 VAC microprocessor based DSI control
  • Pressure switch monitoring
  • System diagnostic LED
  • Alarm output (normally closed contact)
  • Automatic reset 1 hour after lockout
  • Custom prepurge and interpurge timing
  • Multiple tries for ignition
  • Remote or local flame sensing
  • Flame sense test pins

About Fenwal Controls

Founded in 1935 as the manufacturer of the patented THERMOSWITCH® temperature controller, Fenwal Controls provides agency-approved standard and custom engineered gas ignition and temperature controls for many industries including HVAC, hydronics, commercial cooking, and fire protection. The Fenwal brand of temperature and gas ignition products is widely recognized for its high quality and reliability, and all Fenwal products are designed to provide excellent performance in the most demanding applications.

In addition to being a leading supplier of gas ignition and temperature control components, Fenwal’s applications lab is available to provide extensive product configuration & development services to commercial and industrial manufacturers.

Fenwal's engineering and manufacturing system is certified to the international standards of ISO 9001, and many Fenwal products are now fully compliant with RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances) and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) European directives.