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Rate-of-Rise Heat Detector
Products from Fenwal Controls

Rate-of-Rise Heat Detector Products from Fenwal Controls


Rate-of-Rise Heat Detector Series 500 products are designed for use in applications requiring protection against weather, moisture (internal condensation),
and explosive atmospheres. A Series 500 Unit is a dual-action electric fire detection thermostat.
It employs two independent methods of detection,
rate-of-rise and fixed temperature. The rate-of-rise heat detector method detects fires that rapidly grow in intensity. This method quickly responds to abnormally fast temperature increases.

The fixed-temperature method detects fires that build temperatures to a high level at a slow rate. This method responds to a specific temperature setting.

The Series 500 is an "open circuit" device designed to close an electrical circuit upon activation. The compact, simply designed unit is unaffected by vibration. All metal parts are brass or aluminum, mounted on a durable, mineral-filled, phenolic base.
No exposed metal parts carry current. Electrical contacts are all silver clad and of ample size. Large line terminals and wire ways are provided in the base for easy installation in either open wiring or concealed wiring systems.

There are two dual action models with different fixed temperature element settings. Two other models are available with the same fixed temperature settings, but without the rate-of-rise heat detector element.